Faq about car rent in Kotor and Montenegro via our website

This system for cheap car rental in Montenegro and Kotor offers vehicles of local companies. Why is it better to book a car in our company, and not in international?
  • The price will be much lower.
    International car rental companies often increase the price of their services. That is why you will overpay for the brand. Local companies offer cars at an affordable cost.

  • It is possible to reserve not a car brand, but a specific model.
    Large international companies will offer you to reserve the desired class of car, but not a specific car – “Volkswagen Passat or similar”. This is a long forgotten past, while in large companies you can still encounter something like this. Through us, clients can reserve a specific vehicle and select the desired options.
  • Quality service.
    Small companies appreciate each customer. Therefore, in small companies you can expect the excellent attitude to yourself and the service at the highest level.
  • Choose the period of reservation, the place of receive and return of the car. The automated system will show the vehicles available on the required date.
  • Select a car from the options offered. You will see an accurate estimate, and the price for each car. You can order additional services, and their cost will be added to the estimate. Click on the “Book now” button.
  • Indicate all the required information and make an advance payment.
    Provide your data, indicate the exact time, place of receive and return of the vehicle. After that, click on the “Pay now” button.
  • After making a prepayment, the car will be reserved in your name. A check will be sent to the email address confirming the reservation.
  • During the car pick-up, you can deposit the remaining amount for the car and pick up the keys.
  • In the case that you reserve a car through the website of our company, then, if desired, the keys of the vehicle also can be obtained at the airport. In this case, you need to select Tivat or Podgorica in the search box. You can return the vehicle back to the airport or to the city of Kotor, depending on your wishes. Only important is to specify the correct city of receive and return of the car.
  • If you rent a car at the airport through us, then when making a reservation you must specify your contact details, as well as the flight number. A company representative will meet you with a sign, in front of the airport building. Your name will be written on it.
  • If, for some reason you did not manage to find a company representative with a sign, you should not panic. The booking confirmation we sent to your e-mail contains the contact details of the company employee. Also, he will be informed about your phone number specified during the reservation.
  • If your flight is delayed, you need to report this to a representative. To do this, just send a message.
  • Passport.
  • Driver’s license.
  • A check (confirmation voucher) sent to you by email.
  • The remaining funds.
  • Deposit (if required). It returns when the vehicle is handed back to the employee of the company. But only when there are no complaints about the state of the car.
  • To book a car online, you need to make an advance payment by Visa or Master Card.
  • The rest of the payment is paid in cash. Only a few companies provide portable terminals for payment outside the company’s office. If you do not have cash, you can use an ATM in the city or at the airport.
  • The deposit in any case must be paid in cash. During the return of the vehicle, if there are no complaints about its condition, you will be refunded immediately.