Terms and conditions of using this online booking system

  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours. If the client wants to rent a car for less than one day, he will be charged for the whole day. For example, if the car is delivered on Monday at 9.00 and is returned on Tuesday at 16.00, you will have to pay for 2 full days.
  • If a client wants to extend the rental period, he should notify the manager of the rental company.
  • Upon returning the car, you need to remember that the amount of gasoline in the tank should be the same as at the time of delivery. If there is less gasoline, the client has to pay the difference on the spot. The difference is paid according to the car rental company’s tariffs. If there is more gasoline than before, the client doesn’t receive the difference from the rental company.
  • If the car is too dirty at the time of return, the client has to pay for the car to be washed.
  • Standard insurance does not cover damage to the under-body, wheels, interior and windshield.
  • If the client wants to travel outside the country, it should be reported to the manager (before the trip). In this case, some paperwork is necessary. Leaving the country without notifying the manager is not allowed.
  • The contact phone number specified at the time of booking must be available at any time of the day. Claims to service quality will not be considered if it was impossible to contact the client by mobile phone during the rental period. The contact phone number must be available just before the rental period;, otherwise, the manager won’t be able to get any important information if needed.
  • Payment of fines is the responsibility of the client alone. This applies to fines for exceeding the speed limit and illegal parking.
  • If the driver’s age is below 22 years, the rental company may refuse to provide services. The same applies to their driving experience. The minimum driving experience is 2 years. The decision to refuse services is taken by the manager of the rental company.
  • 1. Our company provides the service of finding the best offers for booking and car rental in Kotor and Montenegro.
  • 2. At the time of booking, you have to pay an advance payment of 15% to 20% of the total rental cost. The rest of the sum is paid only when you pick up the car. The money is paid directly to the manager of the company.
  • 3. Changing and cancelling the booking:
    3.1. In order to cancel the booking, the client must send a letter to the e-mail address (see the page “Contact“) with confirmation of booking, and a note saying, “Cancel of booking”. This confirmation letter is sent right after the payment. The money will be refunded to the account from which the client made the payment unless otherwise determined by the client and the manager of the rental company. The advance payment will be returned within 14 business days from the moment the claim for the refund was filed.
    3.2. The cancellation of the paid booking does not inflict any additional fees, except the pre-arranged percentage. It equals 6% of the total sum paid by the client.
    3.3. Cancelling the paid booking without fines is possible within 7 calendar days (30 days for SUVs and luxury cars) before the beginning of the rental period. In case of later cancelling or changing the order, the advance payment will be withheld in full as compensation for the cancelled order.
    3.4. You can change your booking by cancelling the old booking and creating a new one. The thing to remember is that, after your booking is cancelled, the car immediately becomes available, so it can be booked by another client.
    3.5. The security service of the company has the right to refuse services without explanation no later than 24 hours after the advance payment was made and the order was confirmed. In this case, the advance payment (minus 6% of bank charges) is refunded.
  • 4. This online car booking system is based on the partnership basis with rent a car companies. It provides information about cars available for rent. All issues related to the condition of the vehicle, quality and related services should be addressed to the managers of rent a car company. Contact of rent a car company is indicated in confirmation of booking, sent to the e-mail of the client after booking.
  • 5. If the rental company for any reason (because of a breakdown or any other force majeure) cannot provide the client with the booked car, it is obliged to provide another car of the same class (or higher class) for the same cost. In this case, the service is considered to be provided in full.
  • 6. The client confirms the acceptance of the terms and conditions of booking and agrees to follow them in case of cancelling the booking.